Hi there! I’m Gleb, young engineer working regular work in office. One day I decided to change something in my life, to make something, that will lead me to completely different lifestyle. I wanted to find the way to earn money not in office, but at every place in the world. To travel a lot, to move to other place, to feel freedom. I started to think what I can do, too many ideas were in my head, and all these ideas stayed there for years. Finally, i decided to do that thing, that really excites me – photography. I bought my first camera  in 2009, had a lot of fun with it, but never thought seriously to use it to earn money.

So, my blog will be dedicated to my way outside the office. I will share all steps to become a photographer, not the one that works with models, but generally with landscapes, subjects, food. Also I plan to try myself as stock photographer. If you are interested in it as I am – you are welcome.